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Poster Presenters

Roza Aceska - Frames in Dynamical Systems

Malva Asaad - Hypoelliptic heat Kernel on Nilpotent Lie Groups

Claire Bowen - Partitioning a Large Simulation as It Runs

Margaret Christy - Quality Control of Blood Sample Analysis for Transplant Patients

Sara Clifton - Handicap principle implies emergence of dimorphic ornaments

Willa Del Negro Skeehan - Staged Progression and Retrogression Model of Influenza

Kelsey Dipietro - Efficient Moving Mesh Methods for Fourth Order PDES

Melissa Emory - Automorphic Representations of GSpin

Haixia Li - A Optimal Subsampling in Generalized Linear Models for Big Data

Anh Nguyen - Perceptual switching in auditory streaming can be understood as an evidence accumulation process

Martha Precup - Singularities of semisimple Hessenberg Varieties

Pamela Pyzza - Temperature Effects on Human Sleep Patterns: A Mathematical Model of Sleep Regulation

Marissa Renardy - A reaction-diffusion model for cell polarization in yeast

Vanessa Rivera-Quinones - Evolutionary branching in disease dynamics

Amber Russell - The Generalized Springer Correspondence

Nur Saglam - Constructions of new Lefschetz fibrations using cyclic group actions

Ziting Tang - A-optimal Weighted Bootstrapping Method and Subsampling in Empirical Likelihood

Angela Wei - Two-Compartment Model of Dopamine Release: Dependence on Firing Pattern

Jihyeon Jessie Yang - Bott Canonical Basis

Yue Zhang - Random Weighting Approach In Nonlinear Regression Models

Poster Session
Interested in presenting your work? The symposium will feature a poster session during which participants can present a 3’x4’ poster on their research. To participate in the poster session, please fill out the appropriate section of the registration form.

Open Problem Session
Are you looking for collaborators? Interested in presenting your work? The symposium will feature an open problem session where participants can present new or open problems and work on them together in small groups. To suggest open problems to present, please fill out the appropriate section of the registration form.

Post-event activities
WIMS can provide support for registered participants to visit other participants after the symposium to collaborate on problems they discussed during the symposium. If interested, email us.